First Data Unauthorized Request. Bad or missing credentials: Things are not always as they seem.

I added code to a client's website a while back to allow them to use First Data to take credit cards on their site. Everything was working well until last week when it just quit working. It was no longer communicating with First Data. It completely stopped receiving a response at all from the CURL call to First Data. Nothing. You can see the code that I was using … [Read more...]

First Data Global Gateway API – Rolling Your Own Recurring Payments Using TransArmor Token PHP JSON REST Example

Unfortunately, First Data's Globa Gateway API doesn't allow for recurring payments. You either have to use their hosted payment pages (not a viable option for most of my clients) OR you have to roll your own so to speak. Using the TransArmor Token option, it is possible to write your own code for recurring payments. On the initial payment, First Data will store the … [Read more...]

Reseller Club PHP API Integration

I want my clients to be able to check for domain names and register them from my site. As a member of the Reseller Club I can do just that... once I figure out their API. They do have some documentation on the site, but it took quite a bit of work to figure out exactly how things should work. A lot of the documentation is for the SOAP implementation which they have phased … [Read more...]


Yesterday I was working with a site that allowed multiple levels of categories. A category could have subcategories, and that subcategory could have subcategories and so on and so on. I needed a way to print a drop-down menu from the category structure. I won't go into the database structure for this today - I'll save that for another post. What I want to explain today is … [Read more...]