Choosing Your Domain Name

Technically speaking, the first thing you must do to build a website is to find a unique name for your site and register the name so that no one else can use it. This name is called a ‘Domain Name’. The ‘Domain Name’ is what others will use to find your website. It’s what they will type in their browser address bar when they want to access your website. Parts of a … [Read more...]

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Add the Privacy Option to Your Domain Name

Many of my clients ask me if they should add the privacy option to their domain name. For those of you who don't know, the privacy option allows another company to really take ownership of your domain so that your name and address do not show up when someone does a lookup on your domain name. You can do your own lookup here. Type in a domain name such as and … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Your Domain Name

I don't like to bash other companies, but I've had a lot of requests to transfer domains after GoDaddy's Super Bowl commercials. Here's how you can transfer your domain names to Cullen Web Services. Before you get started, a word of caution: If you change your contact information (or most any other information) on your domain name at your current registrar (website where you … [Read more...]

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get the Free Website

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I see it almost every day. Someone comes to me complaining about the free (or almost free) website they have. It won't allow them to do something they need to do, or they don't know how to do what they need to do, or they have outgrown the free option and don't want to pay the extraordinarily high upgrade fees. Sometimes they are ready to move away from the free website … [Read more...]

Domain Names: To Dash or Not To Dash?

Picking a name for your website can be tricky. You want to make sure that it's a descriptive name that's easy for your ideal clients to remember. Dot com's (such as are always the best for your small business, if possible, because they are the most popular and people will assume that's the TLD (Top Level Domain such as .com) for your website when they … [Read more...]