Create a CSV File of WordPress User Information with PHP

One of my clients wanted a list of their clients and the client's information to download on demand. I added the following php code to their themes functions.php file. This will pull the information from the WordPress user record and user meta table and create the CSV file. When finished, a link is provided to the csv file that was created so that the file can be … [Read more...]

Why Your WordPress Website Needs Extra Security

I love WordPress! It's a fantastic way to build a website without knowing how to write code. It truly makes web development easier. But, what a lot of WordPress website owners don't realize is how easy it is for someone to break into their website. WordPress is Open Source software, which is a great thing. This means that it's free to use by anyone. You don't have to … [Read more...]

Importing Large Databases Through phpMyAdmin

While moving WordPress sites from one domain to another for my clients, I often run into file size limitations on phpMyAdmin. Depending on the hosting account I'm moving to, I can sometimes change that limitation with the php.ini file or import from the command line. But, sometimes, I don't have access to those methods and importing the file becomes nearly impossible. Last … [Read more...]

Debugging WordPress: When Deleting Plugins Doesn’t Help – s2Member, WP User Avatar, and WP Curtain Incompatibilities

Well, that's 8 hours of my life I can't get back. But, I learned a lot! My WordPress website using the s2Member plugin was supposed to redirect my subscribers to the Welcome Page that I had set up AND it was supposed to hide the wp-admin screens from them. But, every time I logged in, I was taken to either the home page, the wp-admin user profile, or I got a permissions … [Read more...]