Hosting Your WordPress Website

WordPress is open-source software. You can learn more about it here You can download the code at You can then install the code on your own web hosting and "you are free to use it for anything without paying anyone a license fee and a number of other important freedoms. (check out there site for more information: According to … [Read more...]

Importing Large Databases Through phpMyAdmin

While moving WordPress sites from one domain to another for my clients, I often run into file size limitations on phpMyAdmin. Depending on the hosting account I'm moving to, I can sometimes change that limitation with the php.ini file or import from the command line. But, sometimes, I don't have access to those methods and importing the file becomes nearly impossible. Last … [Read more...]

Has Your WordPress Website Been Hacked?

Five of my WordPress clients site's were hacked last weekend. Their sites had to be taken down until I could fix the security breach. Most of these clients were not being negligent and ignoring their core, theme and plugin updates, they were checking frequently in the WordPress dashboard and making the updates. The problem was that one of the plugins they were using did … [Read more...]

Wix, Weebly or WordPress – What’s the Best Way to Build Your First Website?

I was asked by two people yesterday this question: "What's the best way to build my website?" One had started on Wix and was running into limitations and was thinking about The other was on Weebly and having some complications. It's a very good question. I'll give you MY opinion.,, and all start at the same price - FREE! … [Read more...]

How the Heartbleed Bug May Affect You and What You Should Do About It

The Heartbleed bug was found in a certain version of OpenSSL last week. How does this bug affect you? Here is an explanation of the bug in cartoon format: Heartbleed Bug Cartoon If you are hosting your site with Cullen Web Services, your website was not affected. We didn't use the version of OpenSSL that had the bug. If you've been using one of the sites out there … [Read more...]