Hosting Your WordPress Website

WordPress is open-source software. You can learn more about it here You can download the code at You can then install the code on your own web hosting and "you are free to use it for anything without paying anyone a license fee and a number of other important freedoms. (check out there site for more information: According to … [Read more...]

How to Schedule a Script to Execute With Cpanel

Scheduling a script to run with cpanel is fairly simple. The hardest part is getting the command syntax correct. To schedule a script on Linux based hosting (as opposed to Windows based hosting), we use what's called a 'cron job'. According to Wikipedia, 'cron' comes from the Greek word for time - chronos. Scheduling a cron job requires that you input the time you want it … [Read more...]

How to Send an Email in PHP

Sending a plain text email in php is very simple: $to = ''; $subject = 'Hello!'; $body = "This is the body of my emailnnThis is line two"; $from = "From:"; mail($to, $subject, $body, $from); If I want to send the email to more than one person, I can just add more email addresses in the $to variable separated by a comma like this: $to = … [Read more...]

Invalid maildirsize

I tried to change the quota on an email account in cpanel this morning, but it kept giving me an 'Invalid maildirsize' error and wouldn't let me change the quota. I did a little research and found my answer here. Basically the maildirsize file had gotten corrupt somehow. Deleting that file fixes the problem. The article above tells you exactly how to delete the file with … [Read more...]