Why You Should Learn HTML

Even if you are using WordPress, you will often need HTML for posts, pages, widgets, etc. ALL websites, regardless of how they are coded or what tools are used, are eventually translated to an HTML page. Regardless of which framework or programming language you use to build your website, it will eventually have to create an HTML page to show up in someone's browser. So, … [Read more...]

How to Open Your Web Page Link in A New Browser Window or Tab

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to make a link open in a new window instead of replacing the current web page. It's usually a good idea to open external links in a new window or tab so that your visitors don't move away from your website. Even if they get distracted by following the external link, they will eventually get back to yours since it's still open … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure Your Web Page is Standards Compliant

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops standards for the web. Most, if not all, browsers are written to comply with the standards created by the W3C. If you want to make sure that your web pages are going to work in most browsers, then you should validate your web pages to make sure that they comply with the standards. If your page is compliant, it doesn't mean that … [Read more...]

How to Use PHP, Javascript (or jQuery), and HTML Together

Sometimes for beginners, or even those of us that have been doing this for a while, it may be difficult to see how to use PHP and Javascript together to make the page work correctly. I often have to stop and remind myself of the basics. HTML and Javascript (which includes Javascript libraries, such as jQuery or Scriptaculous) are client-side languages. This means that the … [Read more...]