Why Your WordPress Website Needs Extra Security

I love WordPress! It's a fantastic way to build a website without knowing how to write code. It truly makes web development easier. But, what a lot of WordPress website owners don't realize is how easy it is for someone to break into their website. WordPress is Open Source software, which is a great thing. This means that it's free to use by anyone. You don't have to … [Read more...]

Extending Your WordPress Website with Plugins

WordPress allows you to extend the functionality of your website with plugins. You can find a plugin for just about anything you can imagine. And if you can't, then you can find someone who can build you one. There are free plugins and those you must pay for. Anytime you introduce new code into your website, it increases your risk of getting hacked. It's best to get … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.7 Upgrade Error: Call to a member function reset_postdata() on a non-object

I tried to upgrade my WordPress site this morning and got this error once the upgrade was finished: Call to a member function reset_postdata() on a non-object Since I wasn't looking forward to finding my latest backup and restoring my old version, and since I knew I would still have the problem even after I restored my old WordPress version, I set out to find the problem … [Read more...]

Using Gravity Forms Authorize.net and Coupons plugins for WordPress – Zero Amount Problem

On one of my WordPress sites, I have a Gravity Form which uses the Authorize.net Gravity Form add-on for credit card processing. All works well until I try to add in the Gravity Forms Coupons add-on. The coupon add-on seems to work just fine until I make the discounted amount 100%. Actually, the coupon code works fine. The problem is that I don't want to have to … [Read more...]

Why I Hate Love WordPress

As a programmer, I generally don't like off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all software. It's a lot like one-size-fits-all clothing. Yes, it will fit all sizes, but, by nature, it doesn't fit any size well. Any custom built website - or software of any kind - will always be a better choice because it can be customized and optimized for that one application. In other words, if … [Read more...]