Why Your WordPress Website Needs Extra Security

I love WordPress! It's a fantastic way to build a website without knowing how to write code. It truly makes web development easier. But, what a lot of WordPress website owners don't realize is how easy it is for someone to break into their website. WordPress is Open Source software, which is a great thing. This means that it's free to use by anyone. You don't have to … [Read more...]

Child Themes

Creating Your Own Themes You can create your own themes if you’d like, but this takes some coding knowledge. You will need to be familiar with languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP to create a new theme. This is beyond the scope of this class but we wanted to mention it here so that you were aware that it was possible. Many designers create free themes for … [Read more...]

WordPress Themes

Themes Themes are what give your WordPress website style. You can find your themes under the Appearance->Themes menu item in the admin sidebar. Most fresh installs come with 3 or 4 WordPress themes named Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen, etc. These themes are made by the developers at WordPress.org to get you started. Few people keep the original themes on their … [Read more...]

Add a Child Theme for an Elegant Theme in WordPress

Genesis had me spoiled. The Genesis themes that I've been using ARE child themes and therefore, only the Genesis theme itself has updates that I must install. When I started using Elegant Themes (which I love, by the way), I forgot that they might have updates. So, I forgot to make a child theme when I used them. The good news is that Elegant Themes won't let me update … [Read more...]