How to Add PHP Code to Your WordPress Post or Page

There are several ways to add php code to your WordPress blog. (Note: For our purposes here, we are talking about executing php code, not displaying php code for others to see. We will be using php code to make our page more dynamic.) PHP Plugin If it's only one or two lines of code, the a php plugin such as ezphp or php code for posts would probably be best. These … [Read more...]

AngularJS ng-model

I can use the ng-model directive on an input variable to automatically bind the input to the element for display. Notice the ng-init = "myvar = 'Hello World!'" on the div. This initializes the myvar variable. The ng-model="myvar" on the input binds the myvar variable to the input so that whatever is typed in the input field will automatically be bound to that … [Read more...]

jeditable Edit in Place Not Working on Second Field Edit

I really like the jQuery jeditable plugin for editing data inline. It's quick to install and set up and easy to use and I usually have no problems. But, today I've run into a real problem. I've finally found a work around, but I still think there's a bug of some kind in the code. I had a form which had several divs floated left inside one large div. All of my jeditable … [Read more...]