Has Your WordPress Website Been Hacked?

Five of my WordPress clients site's were hacked last weekend. Their sites had to be taken down until I could fix the security breach. Most of these clients were not being negligent and ignoring their core, theme and plugin updates, they were checking frequently in the WordPress dashboard and making the updates. The problem was that one of the plugins they were using did … [Read more...]

Wix, Weebly or WordPress – What’s the Best Way to Build Your First Website?

I was asked by two people yesterday this question: "What's the best way to build my website?" One had started on Wix and was running into limitations and was thinking about WordPress.com. The other was on Weebly and having some complications. It's a very good question. I'll give you MY opinion. Wix.com, Weebly.com, and WordPress.com all start at the same price - FREE! … [Read more...]

First Data Global Gateway API – Rolling Your Own Recurring Payments Using TransArmor Token PHP JSON REST Example

Unfortunately, First Data's Globa Gateway API doesn't allow for recurring payments. You either have to use their hosted payment pages (not a viable option for most of my clients) OR you have to roll your own so to speak. Using the TransArmor Token option, it is possible to write your own code for recurring payments. On the initial payment, First Data will store the … [Read more...]

10 Problems You’ll Have Getting the Website You Need

I've been building websites since 1999. I've seen a lot of changes over the years.  I now see a lot of problems with the way most of us do business. So, I'm changing mine. Here are some of the problems I see: Paying for a website by the hour.  Websites have changed a LOT over the last 15 years.  We used to need someone to build our website in HTML.  HTML was fairly … [Read more...]

PayPal Payment Data Transfer (PDT) – Getting PayPal Information Returned to Your Site

My client has digital products that need to be downloaded after a user clicks on a PayPal Buy Now button. If I set Payment Data Transfer up in her PayPal account, PayPal will return back to my site to a page that I specify in her PayPal account. It will return all the information about the customer, their payment and their product. I had to go to the Client's PayPal … [Read more...]