Add a Form to Take Payments with Gravity Forms: Allowing User Defined Fields as well as Set Amounts

I wanted to add a form to take payments to my payment page. I decided to user Gravity Forms. I am pleased with the result. I wanted my form to take either a payment amount that I set or to allow the user to enter the amount they would like to pay. I wanted the default to be that the user enter the amount they wanted to pay. I decided that to enter my own payment amounts, … [Read more...]

WordPress, Gravity Forms and First Data Hosted Payment Pages

I have a client who wanted to pass his Gravity Forms information to his First Data Hosted Payment page. He had already set up the form on his site and the payment page in his First Data account, he just needed me to make the Gravity Form work with that payment page. I set his Gravity Forms confirmation to look like this screen shot. To make sure I got the query string … [Read more...]

Tabulating Answers from a Gravity Forms Form

One of my clients has a handout that she uses in her speaking engagements to help people identify their learning styles. She also had the handout posted on her website. She asked me to make the handout more interactive so that people could get their results tabulated for them online instead of tabulating their own results manually. Lizabeth, one of our web developers, … [Read more...]

Using Gravity Forms and Coupons plugins for WordPress – Zero Amount Problem

On one of my WordPress sites, I have a Gravity Form which uses the Gravity Form add-on for credit card processing. All works well until I try to add in the Gravity Forms Coupons add-on. The coupon add-on seems to work just fine until I make the discounted amount 100%. Actually, the coupon code works fine. The problem is that I don't want to have to … [Read more...]