Creating WordPress Plugins with the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Creating a WordPress plugin is not necessarily a difficult task for an experienced WordPress developer, but I recently found an easier way to create one quickly.  What I really like about it is that I didn’t have to sacrifice good coding standards and good WordPress standards.  It also allowed me to keep a structured approach using their object oriented foundation.

I found the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate at which provides a plugin structure that is object oriented and also keeps up with the WordPress standard for plugins.  This allows me to only worry about the functionality that I need for the plugin without worrying about the tedious details of plugin activation, deactivation and coding standards outside my functionality.

Another great help was the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate generator at  This allowed me to give the plugin a name and fill in some of the information about the plugin.  The generator then creates the boilerplate code with all my information already added to the correct places such as file names and variables.

Both of these tools helped me get my plugin working much more quickly than building the plugin from scratch, which helps me get the plugin to the client more quickly.  That makes both me and my client much happier!

If you need to create a WordPress plugin, I encourage you to checkout both these tools.

Do you have questions or need help creating your WordPress plugin?  Let us know here, we would love to help!

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