The head section of your HTML page needs a title tag. If you don’t have one, you may see the file name or some other random text in your browser’s tab or border.

To make your web page title show up in your browser’s tab or as the window heading, you need to use the title tag in the head section of your web page.

		<title>My Title</title>

If you are using WordPress the Yoast SEO plugin will take care of this for you. We recommend Yoast on any website that would like to rank better in the search engines. If you want to change the default of your title tags with Yoast (we recommend leaving the default for best Search Engine Optimization) you can do that in the Yoast SEO ‘snippet’ on each page or post.

If you’d like us to take care of this for you, send us a message.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Web Page Name (Title) Show in Your Browser’s Tab or Window Border”

    1. Hi Andra, replace the ‘My Title’ in the example with ‘Aurora Contracting – Roofing, Painting, & Solar’ and it should work.

  1. It worked great for me! You can use the Inspect tool in Google Chrome to change the Tab names as well(only in the short term, because the change you are making is only local, and as soon as you refresh the page, it reverts back to its original text).

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