Planning Your New Website

Building a website is like building a building. Before you begin, you need to have a plan in place or who knows what you will end up building! You need to see the website in your mind, or help your web designer see the website in her mind, before either of you ever start building the website. To get that picture in your mind, I suggest you go look at other websites on … [Read more...]

How to Add PHP Code to Your WordPress Post or Page

There are several ways to add php code to your WordPress blog. (Note: For our purposes here, we are talking about executing php code, not displaying php code for others to see. We will be using php code to make our page more dynamic.) PHP Plugin If it's only one or two lines of code, the a php plugin such as ezphp or php code for posts would probably be best. These … [Read more...]

The Future of Cullen Web Services

Cindy Cullen - CEO Owner

Occasionally I get asked, "God forbid something happens to you, what happens to my website?" I'm glad you asked. I have a contingency plan in place should something happen to me. Our team has expanded to seven regular contractors and a handful of temporary contractors on any given day. Should something happen to me, they know exactly what to do. Mallory, my daughter … [Read more...]

Charge Tax on Shipping Using Gravity Forms for WordPress

After figuring out how to charge tax for only one state , I then needed to include the shipping in the taxable amount. When I used the calculated field ( ({EMT Code Membership:30} + {Shipping:28} ) * .07 ) in Gravity Forms, the total would not refresh. I looked in the javascript for Gravity Forms and found the function gformCalculateTotalPrice($form_id). I added this … [Read more...]

Create a CSV File of WordPress User Information with PHP

One of my clients wanted a list of their clients and the client's information to download on demand. I added the following php code to their themes functions.php file. This will pull the information from the WordPress user record and user meta table and create the CSV file. When finished, a link is provided to the csv file that was created so that the file can be … [Read more...]

Why Your WordPress Website Needs Extra Security

I love WordPress! It's a fantastic way to build a website without knowing how to write code. It truly makes web development easier. But, what a lot of WordPress website owners don't realize is how easy it is for someone to break into their website. WordPress is Open Source software, which is a great thing. This means that it's free to use by anyone. You don't have to … [Read more...]

Why You Should Learn HTML

Even if you are using WordPress, you will often need HTML for posts, pages, widgets, etc. ALL websites, regardless of how they are coded or what tools are used, are eventually translated to an HTML page. Regardless of which framework or programming language you use to build your website, it will eventually have to create an HTML page to show up in someone's browser. So, … [Read more...]

Adding Content to Your WordPress Site

Adding Content to Your Site - Pages and Posts There are two main ways to add content to your WordPress website: Pages and Posts. There are many other ways, but these are the most used. It's important to understand the difference between Posts and Pages: Pages can be hierarchical and posts are not. Pages can be parent pages and/or children pages and can be many … [Read more...]