Show a Custom Taxonomy Tag Cloud in my WordPress Page in a Genesis Child Theme

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 10.52.28 AMI am writing a post about my quote generator and want to show the custom quote tag cloud in my post.

I found that I could use the wp_tag_cloud() function to generate a tag cloud, but that would generate the regular tag cloud for all my WordPress posts.

After a little more digging in the WordPress Codex, I found that I can pass the taxonomy to the function and get a list of my quote tags.

wp_tag_cloud(array('taxonomy' => 'quote_tags'));

That works great if I just want a list of the tags like this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.44.12 PM

But if I want a true tag cloud like is seen on most blogs where the tags are all clumped together, I need to change the separator for the list like this:

wp_tag_cloud(array('taxonomy' => 'quote_tags','separator' => " "));

Perfect! Using the PHP Code plugin to allow php code in my post, I now have a tag cloud in my post! You can see it here.

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