Use Ajax Checkbox Toggles to Update the Database


A client wanted me to use Ajax to save checkbox results to a database so that each check was saved as it was made instead of waiting until all the checkboxes were checked (or unchecked) and then submitted on the form. He had a LOT of checkboxes on the page which made a very large form with lots of fields. The chance the user might leave the page before the submit button was hit was just too big of a risk. He wanted each check to be saved.

We used jQuery and Ajax to make it happen:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

 function save_checkbox(checkbox_id, record_id) {
    $.post( 'test.php' , { checked : checkbox_id, r_id : record_id }, 
       function( response ) {
	     $( "#result" ).html( response );

<div id="result"></div>  <!-- div to hold results from ajax -->

<input name="val" type="checkbox" value="<?php echo $val ?>" onclick="save_checkbox('to_print',<?php echo $id ?>);"; 


This jQuery/javascript function will be called each time a checkbox is clicked whether it’s checked or unchecked. The post jQuery method will call the test.php file and pass checked and r_id as post variables. The value of checked will be what’s passed from the input tag in checkbox_id and the value of r_id will be the value passed into the record_id variable by the input tag.

In other words, the input tag will create the following checkbox.

checkbox to toggle

When it’s clicked, it will pop up a javascript alert box and then replace the following with the results from the file.

The results from the ajax call will show up here and replace this text

The checkbox is using onclick="save_checkbox('to_print','13')" so that 'to_print' is passed to checked_id and '13' is passed to record_id in the save_checkbox function. These variables are passed in the $_POST to the php script called by the jquery .post method. The php file ‘test-ajax.php’ is called from the .post method. That file contains this code:

// whatever you echo or print will be passed back into the 'response' variable in the call back function
echo '<strong>results from the script - passed in: '; 

// these are the variables passed in  

// Your code here - take out the previous two statements when you are ready, the output any response you want to send back with echo or print.

You can execute this file by clicking this link to see the output:

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  1. Wow. This is *exactly* what I was looking for, and such a clear explanation too. Thank you very much, this has been of enormous help. (Purely for interest, I’m updating standard, synchronous POST code to store additional user meta information in a WordPress database. In particular, whether a person’s name uses Japanese/Chinese/Korean characters for which I need to use a different font when generating downloadable PDF documents. But expanding to store more options and I face the exact issue as is described and solved here – so thanks again! ).

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