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Cindy Cullen

Working with computers since the early eighties, Cindy graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN, with a degree in Computer Science in 1989. She worked for the American Chemical Society, General Electric Information Services, and an advertising agency before quitting to stay home with her three children and start her own freelance business.

She's taught computer and programming skills to children and adults in homeschool co-ops, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and online communities. She's well versed with PHP/MySQL, React, and JavaScript programming, and offers hosting, domains, security, JavaScript/React management, Debugging, Site Migrations, Custom WordPress, Consulting, and other services through Cullen Web Services.

Cindy is a busy woman overseeing Cullen Web Services, and starting in 2019 she began working as the lead programmer for RedTree Albums, a photo album company based in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also a Team Lead for Developer Support Engineers at Algolia, a company that enables developers to build search applications.

Cindy works remotely out of her RV. Her home base is Florida, though she's often traveling around the US throughout the year, working from the road.



Lizabeth Casada

After spending 14 years with the US Postal Service, Lizabeth decided to find a way to work from home so she could have more time with her kids, a way out of the extreme weather and limited time off.  She began a internship with Cindy Cullen and learned web development before quitting her job to start her freelance career in 2012.

Since 2012, she has built multiple WordPress websites from simple blogs to complicated e-commerce business sites.  Using her Business Coaching and Master Prosperity Teacher training skills, she works closely with her clients to establish the online presence they want and help them map out their "bigger picture" to figure out how to grow their business in the future.

When she isn't building websites, Lizabeth is working on her passion, A Life After Trauma; helping people who have experienced trauma find help, discover hope and move forward.  



Mallory Cullen

Mallory is the executive assistant at Cullen Web Services.  She ensures that all of your web needs are met! She is a creative person, loves to make movies, draw, make music and doing other types of art.

Starting at Cullen Web Services after graduating high school, Mallory is a jack of all trades making sure your sites are updated, taking care of invoicing, customer service, emails, data entry, and builds websites in WordPress.




Todd Bray

Todd currently works and resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. He received his computer science degree with honors from Austin Peay State University with a concentration in web design and a minor in mobile development.  

After a five month internship with Cullen Web Services, he has worked exclusively with Cullen since September of 2017.  His primary expertise includes PHP programming along with the use of the Laravel framework, overall site design and database operations.  

Todd is an avid sports fan and history buff, spending a month each summer traveling the country in his RV to attend sporting events and visit historical sites throughout the country.




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