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Understanding the Basics

By cindy cullen | Aug 14, 2023

The tech world is a fast-paced force to be reckoned with. It constantly evolves and sprouts new phrases, terms, and many other things to learn about. Sometimes navigating the online world can be intimidating. It’s often overwhelming to try and […]

Creating WordPress Plugins with the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

By cindy cullen | Nov 23, 2018

Creating a WordPress plugin is not necessarily a difficult task for an experienced WordPress developer, but I recently found an easier way to create one quickly.  What I really like about it is that I didn’t have to sacrifice good […]

Creating Leads with the Zoho 2.0 API

By cindy cullen | Nov 2, 2018

Once I got the OAuth working for Zoho , I could use the Zoho API version 2.0. I wanted to add a new Lead to Zoho from my website. I couldn’t find any examples of this, but I finally figured […]

How to Get Rid of the ‘Not Secure’ Message in Google Chrome on Your Website

By cindy cullen | Nov 1, 2018

Recently, the Google Chrome browser has started notifying users of the browser when they land on a site as to whether that site is secure or not. That message shows up in the top left of the browser address bar. […]

How to Troubleshoot Your WordPress Website Problems

By cindy cullen | Oct 31, 2018

I was having a problem with my own website. Some of the blog posts had the wrong comments showing up under them. In other words, under blog post 1, the comments for blog post 2 were showing up – completely […]

Optimizing Your Site for Speed

By cindy cullen | Oct 30, 2018

We’ve recently put up our new WordPress website complete with a new facelift. We are excited about it! One thing I noticed is that it seemed to be running a bit slow. We are using quite a few plugins to […]

Tired of the Ugly WordPress Notifications?

By cindy cullen | Oct 20, 2018

Use this plugin instead: WP Better Emails There’s not much setup involved.  Just install and activate the plugin. You can modify the emails, but they work pretty good out of the box, so unless you really need to make changes, […]

Setting up Laravel with MAMP and Shared Hosting

By cindy cullen | Oct 20, 2018

For web applications, as opposed to public facing web sites, for which we use WordPress, we usually use Laravel for our php framework.  I am in love with Laravel.  It just makes programming and web development fun again. It also […]

What is a Domain Name?

By cindy cullen | Oct 18, 2018

A domain name is a pointer to the address of your website. The real address to your website is an IP (internet protocol) address, which is a number in this format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where the x’s are numbers such as […]

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