Why You Should Learn HTML

Even if you are using WordPress, you will often need HTML for posts, pages, widgets, etc. ALL websites, regardless of how they are coded or what tools are used, are eventually translated to an HTML page. Regardless of which framework or programming language you use to build your website, it will eventually have to create an HTML page to show up in someone's browser. So, … [Read more...]

Adding Content to Your WordPress Site

Adding Content to Your Site - Pages and Posts There are two main ways to add content to your WordPress website: Pages and Posts. There are many other ways, but these are the most used. It's important to understand the difference between Posts and Pages: Pages can be hierarchical and posts are not. Pages can be parent pages and/or children pages and can be many … [Read more...]

Child Themes

Creating Your Own Themes You can create your own themes if you’d like, but this takes some coding knowledge. You will need to be familiar with languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP to create a new theme. This is beyond the scope of this class but we wanted to mention it here so that you were aware that it was possible. Many designers create free themes for … [Read more...]

WordPress Themes

Themes Themes are what give your WordPress website style. You can find your themes under the Appearance->Themes menu item in the admin sidebar. Most fresh installs come with 3 or 4 WordPress themes named Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen, etc. These themes are made by the developers at WordPress.org to get you started. Few people keep the original themes on their … [Read more...]

The WordPress Admin Area or Backend

The Admin Sidebar When you are logged into your website and looking at your dashboard, you will notice on the left side of your screen a menu. This is the admin sidebar and lists all the sections of your backend. We will discuss all the sections in detail. At the very top of the list is a link to the Dashboard which we discussed in the last section. At the very … [Read more...]