How to Transfer Your Domain Name

transfer domain namesI don’t like to bash other companies, but I’ve had a lot of requests to transfer domains after GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials. Here’s how you can transfer your domain names to Cullen Web Services.

Before you get started, a word of caution: If you change your contact information (or most any other information) on your domain name at your current registrar (website where you have your domain registered), you may not be able to transfer your domain name for 30 to 90 days. This is to prevent fraud.

Since domain registrars use the email address on file with the domain to get your approval for the transfer, someone could break into your domain account and change your email address on your contact information, and then transfer your domain name away from you and into their own account.

So, if you want to transfer to another registrar, don’t change anything on the domain name account until AFTER the transfer has completed. Then you can change your information in your account at the new registrar.

However, if you NEED to change the email address so that you can approve the transfer because the email address on file no longer exists, you’ll need to do that first, then wait the 90 days.  Sucks, but that’s the way it works.  If it were me, I would try to somehow make that old email address work again if any way possible.  If it’s not possible, then you are stuck with the 90 days.

Before you transfer your domain make sure that it’s not locked at your current registrar. GoDaddy and many other registrars have a ‘locked’ feature which prevents transfers from happening. This is also a deterrent to fraud and keeps someone from transferring your domain name without your approval. If your domain is locked, just go into your account and unlock the domain name.

The next step is to get the authorization code for your domain name from your current registrar. This is usually just a link that you click on in your domain account. It will send an authorization code to the email address on file for the domain name at the old registrar. You will need this authorization code at the new registrar to transfer the domain over.

Once you have the authorization code, go to the new domain registrar. If you want to use Cullen Web Services as your new registrar (I’d love to have you join us!) then go here to transfer your domains. Move your mouse over the ‘Domains’ tab on the menu bar and choose ‘transfer your domain’. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your domain name. You may also be asked for the authorization code at some point during the transfer.

Once the domain transfer has been initiated, the administrative contact on file at the old registrar should get an email asking for approval for the transfer. The email should give instructions as to how to proceed with the transfer. Usually there is a link that must be clicked to approve the transfer. The contacts may also get an email from the old registrar as well. This is usually an attempt to talk you into staying with them. We all hate to lose our customers 🙂 Read all the emails carefully and make sure you follow the instructions to approve the transfer if you want to make the move.

After you have approved the transfer, it will take another five days for the transfer to complete. This is also a way to deter fraud. It keeps thieves from stealing domains and using them right away. It also gives you time to stop the transfer if you want.

After the five day waiting period, the domain should be transferred completely and show up in your account at your new registrar. You should then be able to change your contact information, nameservers, or any other details on your domain name.

If you have any other questions or problems transferring domains, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Edited and updated: 5/31/14

3 thoughts on “How to Transfer Your Domain Name”

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  2. Hi !!!

    I have resellerclub account and I’m using my own domain name in my supersite , so I need make some changes in child server file in reselllerclub , but my domain is from other registar , so I’m trying about couples weeks tranfer my domain from to my resellerclub account , but I’m receiving a email with follow message : The Request for Transfer and Renewal of through rodricosta (rodricosta) stalled. This could be because of any of the following two reasons –

    The current Registrar for this Domain Name has locked this domain name, and did not allow the transfer of the same.
    The domain name has been registered recently and it is not yet 60 days old. A Domain Name can only be transferred 60 days after it was first registered.

    Please contact the Current Registrar of this domain name to find out which of the above caused the Transfer Request to fail.

    If the cause is the presence of a lock applied by the current Registrar, then please contact them and have the lock removed. You are left with 7.0 days to unlock the domain after which the transfer request will automatically fail.

    For any support with respect to your relationship with us you can always contact us directly using the following Information.

    I had contacted the current registrar of domain and they give me follow answer from email :Dear rodrigo costa,
    Your domain at present is in an unlocked status.

    Thank you for choosing, a company.

    also I have the transfer code authorization , but something is happen I don’t know what , any idea about it please ?? thanks a lot , sincerely , att: rodricosta

    1. Is the domain locked at
      When was the domain registered? Was it longer than 60 days ago?

      I would contact and ask them why they blocked the transfer.

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