I tried to change the quota on an email account in cpanel this morning, but it kept giving me an ‘Invalid maildirsize’ error and wouldn’t let me change the quota.

I did a little research and found my answer here.

Basically the maildirsize file had gotten corrupt somehow. Deleting that file fixes the problem. The article above tells you exactly how to delete the file with FTP, so I won’t repeat it here.

The only thing I did differently was instead of deleting the file, I just changed the name. I don’t like deleting files unless I’m really sure they should be deleted. And since I don’t trust everything I read online, I decided to hang onto that file until I was sure it really needs to disappear. Changing the name will work just as well as deleting it. Once I determined that it really did need to be deleted, I could delete the file with confidence.

If the above link to the article appears to be broken, please let me know. Thanks!

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