We’ve recently put up our new WordPress website complete with a new facelift. We are excited about it!

One thing I noticed is that it seemed to be running a bit slow. We are using quite a few plugins to make it look and work like we want it, and I have to admit, WordPress seems to get slower and slower as more functionality is added.

I wanted to see how much I could speed it up by running some tests to see what was going wrong and then fixing those problems.

One of our biggest problems was our image sizes. I optimized the images and that got us big results.

We also had some problems with the assets (CSS & JavaScript) our site was using, so I minified them.

I also installed a great caching plugin which REALLY improved our stats.

That’s a pretty big jump from a page load time of almost 7 seconds to a page load time of just under 2 seconds. I like it! And so will the search engines and my visitors!

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