Symfony Getting Started Tutorial – The Architecture

This is the last chapter of the Getting Started Tutorial. It was very helpful and informative. There's not a lot of code to execute or test out here, but it does give a good overview of what each directory in the downloaded file structure is used for. That's helpful. I like the changes I see from version 1.x. I also like the idea of bundles and inheritance. I'm used … [Read more...]

Symfony Getting Started Tutorial – The Controller

I'm still trying to work through the Getting Started tutorial and I'm finding that it is apparently out of date. Or at least it's showing the wrong code with the wrong version. The examples in the tutorial do not work for me. I'm using version '2.57 app/dev/debug'. I found the version using the following on my command line: I did finally get the 'Hello' formatting … [Read more...]

The Symfony Getting Started Big Picture Tutorial

My first step in learning Symfony is to go through the Getting Started Big Picture tutorial. I followed the instructions to install Symfony, but immediately ran into a problem when I tried to execute the new Symfony command. I got a 'permission denied' error. I had to change the permission to 755 on the /usr/local/bin/Symfony file before it would work. I had to do this on … [Read more...]

WordPress WooCommerce Shipping

I finally got shipping on WooCommerce set up for one of my clients. It was rather difficult to figure out how to make it work exactly. I know that WooCommerce offers a table rate shipping extension, but I, nor my client, wanted to invest $200 in a plugin that we weren't sure would work for us. I was looking for a plugin that would calculate the rates for me based on … [Read more...]

I Love WordPress but it Just Won’t Do it All. Hello Again Symfony.

Several years ago, every website I built was built in symfony. This was back in the symfony 1.0 and 1.5 days. I loved symfony. After building sites in homegrown PHP, trying out Joomla! and Drupal, symfony was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to build sites VERY quickly. There was only one small problem. Symfony was changing quickly and as a freelance web developer, I … [Read more...]