Charge Tax on Shipping Using Gravity Forms for WordPress

After figuring out how to charge tax for only one state , I then needed to include the shipping in the taxable amount. When I used the calculated field ( ({EMT Code Membership:30} + {Shipping:28} ) * .07 ) in Gravity Forms, the total would not refresh. I looked in the javascript for Gravity Forms and found the function gformCalculateTotalPrice($form_id). I added this … [Read more...]

Why I Will Never Use First Data Global E4 Gateway API and Will Try to Discourage My Clients

One of my most popular posts of all time is about integrating First Data payment processing with a website. I've had several clients who have First Data accounts and they've seemed happy with their account, so I decided to give them a try. OMG I wish I hadn't. It cost me SO much money. It was UNREAL! I paid almost 50% in credit card fees some months. Something wasn't … [Read more...]

Add a Form to Take Payments with Gravity Forms: Allowing User Defined Fields as well as Set Amounts

I wanted to add a form to take payments to my payment page. I decided to user Gravity Forms. I am pleased with the result. I wanted my form to take either a payment amount that I set or to allow the user to enter the amount they would like to pay. I wanted the default to be that the user enter the amount they wanted to pay. I decided that to enter my own payment amounts, … [Read more...]