Increase the Security on Digital Downloads – Change the Folder Name Every Day Automatically in WordPress

I want downloads from my site to be secure without locking my customers out too. Many security solutions I've seen often keep the purchaser out as well. Passwords are often forgotten and either cause the customer a headache or it's a headache for me to try to support the purchase by constantly looking for or resetting. My solution does not keep anyone from sharing your … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.7 Upgrade Error: Call to a member function reset_postdata() on a non-object

I tried to upgrade my WordPress site this morning and got this error once the upgrade was finished: Call to a member function reset_postdata() on a non-object Since I wasn't looking forward to finding my latest backup and restoring my old version, and since I knew I would still have the problem even after I restored my old WordPress version, I set out to find the problem … [Read more...]

Add a Child Theme for an Elegant Theme in WordPress

Genesis had me spoiled. The Genesis themes that I've been using ARE child themes and therefore, only the Genesis theme itself has updates that I must install. When I started using Elegant Themes (which I love, by the way), I forgot that they might have updates. So, I forgot to make a child theme when I used them. The good news is that Elegant Themes won't let me update … [Read more...]